Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Studio J

As a Close To My Heart Consultant, I received early access to our new Studio J online scrapbooking software.  I've never played in the digital world of scrapbooking, mainly due to the learning factor and needing high end software to do so.  I also like the idea of playing with paper, stamps, embellishments, etc.  There's nothing quite more relaxing (at least for me).  So, while I was a little skeptical of Studio J, and what it could do, I figured I at least needed to take a gander and become somewhat knowledgeable for my customers and hostesses.  Let me tell you, after playing for just a few hours, I LOVE IT!  No, it will not replace my papers, stamps, ink and embellishments.  But, the fact that I can get an entire layout done in around 10 minutes (give or take a half hour for all the decisions), and I don't have to mess up my disaster area any more than it already is - or spend forever looking for that one embellishment that I KNOW I have somewhere, it's a feeling of accomplishment.

Here's one of the layouts I did last night while watching television.  Yes, it's just a screen shot resized, but it should give you some idea.

There are all sorts of options!  You can start by uploading photos, or you can go straight to picking out a kit to work with (there are SEVERAL to choose from).  Once you've chosen a kit, you get to choose a layout that will suit your photos (this one's Fab Fifteen).  There's even sample kits already done - just choose one (you can change papers later).  There's options for the title boxes, journaling - choose your fonts and colors.  You can embellish - even better the sample kits already have "ghost" embellishments on them - all you have to do is click and choose a color - or you can delete them to add your own embellishments from the menu.  I had SO much fun creating this layout last night using pics from our Little Sturgis trip last summer.  There's no learning a new computer program or finding digi kits to work with.  You can even start on a project and save it to come back later and finish!  You can zoom in or out to get that perfect placement and inspect your layout.

I think I'm really going to like the new Studio J option for getting my scrapbooks done! In addition to being able to scrap with paper, stamps, inks, and embellishments as well!
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