Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scallops with the Corner Rounder

I actually got my day off today (a last minute thing). So after sleeping in until 8am, I wondered what I was going to do. I took the suggestion of my good friend Nancy and headed upstairs to play in my disaster area (one of these days I'll show you why I call it that). I had no clue what I was actually going to work on.

Now granted, I could have worked on my samples for this month's Workshop on the Go, or perhaps started on next month's cards for Card Night, even finished the cards that we did this month since I had an extra set cut. Instead I looked around at the stuff, I mean supplies I had scattered everywhere from where I'd been working on this month's cards. My eyes landed on the instructions from a project at Splitcoast Stampers. I thought I'd start there. No, this is not that project (I'll post it later).

So after that project was complete, I came back downstairs to get the colors for next month's Stamp of the Month Swap. Of course, I got sidetracked and ended up back on Splitcoast going through projects. I found another relatively simple one that I thought would look good with the papers and stamps I had laid out. Then I thought, well it would look really cool if I pop-dotted this image on scalloped circles. Now, I don't have any scallop punches anymore. Yes, I could have used my Cricut, but that would have meant cleaning off my cutting counter. So I remembered this post I found on someone's blog a while back about using the corner rounder. I honestly cannot remember where I found it so I cannot give credit where it's due (my apologies). I'm sure some of you already do this, but just in case you didn't know. I thought, well, while I'm at it, I haven't posted a tutorial in a while....let's do one today.

So here's how you use the Corner Rounder to make scalloped circles.

For this project you'll need:
Corner Rounder (it has to have a removable guide)
Circles (I used the Coluzzle to make mine)

I've typed directions onto the pictures and you should be able to click on the pictures to make them bigger (of course, I've never tested that theory either, so just in case I'll post directions just below each pic.)

I used 2 different sized circles cut with the Coluzzle.

Don't forget your corner rounder (with removable guide)

Carefully remove the guide from the Corner Rounder. It should slip right off.

Flip your corner rounder over so you can see where you're punching.

Slip your circle in your punch making sure the cardstock touches both of the little angles inside the punch.

This is what your first punch should look like.

Slip your cardstock back in the punch.

Line the punch up so that you can just barely see the previous punch through the slot.

There's an arrow in the pic so you can see what I mean.

Make sure you're circle touches that angle piece inside the punch.

Continue realigning your circle to punch around the entire piece.

You may end up with something that looks like this with a little stem.

Take your scissors and carefully follow the scallop around and trim off the stem. If it's really noticeable, plan on layering a stamped image on top that will overlap the edges - something cutout so you can still see the scallop underneath.

I got lucky with the second circle in that I didn't have that little stem piece.

Now you can layer your scallops.

Add your stamped and/or embellished image using a popdot.

You'll still be able to see the scallops, but that little imperfection is gone.

You can add your creation to a card, scrapbook layout, or project.

I'll share what I'm adding this to later on today.

Until next time...

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