Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cleaning and Organizing

I know I've been kinda MIA for a few days (not totally unusual, I know). However, this time I've actually been somewhat productive. I took a few days off work with the intention of cleaning and organizing my disaster areas. (Yes, that was meant to be plural.) I have a main room upstairs for all of my crafty "stuff", but I can't actually get IN there to work on anything. So, I kinda overflowed into the somewhat empty bedroom next door (the one we were supposed to be redoing this summer for my oldest boy, but haven't had the time).

So, I started Sunday, going through and updating my master acrylix stamp list. It's an Excel file of 95% of all the acrylic stamps CTMH has sold since they brought them out. Monday, I got all my stamps together (or so I thought), and went through the list to mark the ones I have and hopefully fill in a few holes that I had in the list (mostly the promotional sets from the constant campaigns we've had). I also had to mark the ones that are retired so I don't end up using them for classes or workshops. Thankfully, my mother offered to help!

Today, I drafted my boys to help go through and organize some of it. Well, they got this idea that if we got my room all clean by tonight, could they get a PS2 game tomorrow. Knowing full well that it was NOT going to get completely done tonight, I jumped at the chance to let them try to prove me wrong. :) (not evil, just motivating them by giving them something to work towards.) Bless their hearts, we got ALL the boxes gone through and sorted into more manageable piles. No, everything did not get put away (that's another challenge). But, everything is in the general vicinity of where it needs to go. I can now also WALK through my craft room without having to take gigantic steps over things!

Hopefully tomorrow, I can start going through some of the piles I made today and get things put away. I still need to find my stamping counter and my cutting counter - they are both covered. And there's still a row of boxes in the middle of the floor that are sorted into various categories. But I am making more progress.

I did not take any before pics this time. I've taken so many before pics that's it's no longer funny, but I don't have any "after" pics because I've never gotten it finished (not even close). Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to share some of those after pictures.

Until next time...

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