Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sweet Home Cards

Last night was the first of my 2 card workshops this month. We used the Sweet Home Level 2 Papers to create 10 cards (2 each of 5 designs). This month I'm teaching how to use the Create-A-Shade Pearl Paint and re-inkers to make your own glimmer mist.

For the glimmer mist, you'll need a small spray bottle (I found some at Walmart for 50 cents), re-inker, Create-A-Shade Pearl Paint and 91% Alcohol (you can also use water, but I use alcohol since it will dry faster and I'm usually a last minute type person). Pour some alcohol into your spray bottle, add a few drops of re-inker, add just a little of the pearl paint. One word of caution, the more paint you add, the thicker your mixture will be. It can clog your sprayer. I would not recommend mixing more than you'll use in one sitting. Shake well before using. Make sure you protect your work surface with newspaper or paper towel. I used an old cookie sheet with layers of paper towel. Gently spray your Just Blooms (or cardstock or whatever) and let dry.

Patterns from the WOTG and Wishes
Stamps: Enjoy the Journery (WOTG Kit)
Re-Inkers: Garnet

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