Tuesday, November 17, 2009

'Tis the Season...

for me to start thinking about Christmas cards. Actually, I've been "thinking" about them for awhile - I need to get motivated, make decisions, and start on them. I usually make and send around 150-200 cards each year. Last year, I sent none. Yes, I know that's bad.

This year, I wanted something simple, but something that would represent me and my artwork and that I would be proud to send. I turned to my Wishes book. LOVE that book! Not only are there awesome cards and the instructions to make them, 3 different bulk card making workshops (complete with cutting guides), but also little tips and tricks to take your card making to the next level.

I don't know about you, but I tend to come up with one design and make oodles of that design for Christmas. I do make a few different cards - specific for who's getting them (ie., Carl's friends get something related to motorcycles and I do something mail related for the office). But the bulk of my cards are one design.

I started flipping through Wishes and the Idea Book, and was inspired by the Framework card on page 71 of the Idea Book. It was simple, yet doable for Christmas cards. However, it is also a 5x7 card. I wanted standard size. So, I worked at scaling it down to standard size (4 1/4" x 5 1/2). That's when I also realized you could get oodles of these cards from one level 2 paper packet. You can get 200 of this design from one level 2 paper packet. Yes, you read that right - 200! You'll have to add in the card bases, but it still works out to less than 50 cents per card - and they are hand made! Did you know there are actually several card patterns in Wishes that will allow you to get 100 or more cards per level 2 paper packet? That's AWESOME for Christmas Cards, Party invites, Thank You's and more!

Pattern: Wishes - Framework (modified)
Inks: Tulip, Juniper

So, you're probably thinking I've lost it (that's still debatable, depending on who you talk to). Let me share with you how....

Take the following papers and cut 2 1/4" squares from each (you'll get 25 per sheet) - Ornaments B&T, Juniper Stars B&T, Tulip Dots B&T, and Presents B&T. You should end up with 200 squares that are 2.25" x 2.25".

Take your Creme Brulee Cardstock and cut 2"x 1/2" pieces (cut 2" strips then cut them into 1/2" pieces). You'll have some cardstock leftover, but you'll get 200 pieces.

Take your Juniper and Tulip Cardstock and cut 100 squares from each color at 1.25" x 1.25". Again, you'll have cardstock leftover.

For your White Daisy Cardstock, you'll need to find an image that will allow you to get at least 50 per sheet. That's where the December Word Puzzle comes in handy - it's got small images that will coordinate beautifully with this paper packet (and many others). If you don't want to cut images out - making it even simpler, cut your White Daisy Cardstock into 1.5" squares. You'll be able to get 50 plus from each sheet - but you only need 200.

Layer your pieces on your card base as shown in the pic (I think you can click on the pic and make it bigger). For this card, I stamped the round ornament from the December Word Puzzle in Tulip ink and cut out. It is popped off the card with 3D foam (popdots). I stamped the word "merry" from Holiday Commentary in Juniper on the Creme Brulee CS, and then the word "Christmas" in Juniper directly on the card base. I added a little Cranberry Grosgrain knot to the top of the ornament - and viola - I have a simple, yet fun, Christmas Card.

Check back again (I'd like to say tomorrow, but I know better), when I'll share more card patterns from Wishes that you can get 100 or more cards from one level 2 paper packet! All it really takes is a little planning (and some graph paper doesn't hurt).

Until next time...

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