Sunday, April 11, 2010

Organization: Sponges

I told you I managed to get a little work done in my disaster area this afternoon.  I've seen this before, and you may have too, but when I was searching for something on the CTMH Consultant Boards recently, I ran across a post by fellow Consultant Lorrinda, and it reminded me again that I need to do this.

So, after I cleared off my little 2x4 table upstairs, I grabbed my sponge boxes, loose sponges, a couple of color swatch rings, some small binder clips, and my Round Tab Punch from Stampin' Up (I knew I bought that for a reason!).

Start by lining up the wording in the punch so that it shows through and ends in one end of the round tab.

Your punched tab should look like this.

Fold your punched tab over your sponge.

Add a binder clip, and presto - organized sponges and a holder all in one.  When your sponges break down and you need to replace them, just unclip them and clip your label to a new sponge.

I store my sponges in these compartment boxes. I can't remember where I got them, but they aren't that hard to find. Check the fishing tackle boxes out as well!  I do have to fold the clips down in order to fit them in the compartments, but they are organized.

Now, when I pull sponges for classes and workshops, colors won't get messed up and I'll be able to put them away again (at least theorectically anyway).

Until next time...


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MsJay said...

I like the organization of your sponges. You can even use ice trays.

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