Saturday, April 17, 2010

Disaster Area Progress

While I haven't gotten very far on cleaning and organizing my disaster area, I did manage to get a little done upstairs.  I keep telling myself baby steps and focus on one area at a time - it helps. 

I started going through my cardstock filing cabinet and making sure I had one bag per color and that bag was labelled so that I could pull a bag out and be able to put it back later.  When I ran across an empty folder, I realized that I really should get all my cardstock in one place first.  So, the boys and I made 3 piles on my cutting counter - My Reflections Kits, Cardstock, and Workshop on the Go kits/Specials.  They emptied 2 boxes of paper from the floor and made the piles.  The boys don't do well with detail work, so I'll have to work on filing the cardstock and kits where they go by myself.  My oldest is more apt to help than the youngest, but then it's his bedroom we're working on emptying.  I'm just making them do it my way this time.

You can see more patches of floor where boxes and stuff used to be, as well as the big trash bag full of trash.  There's still a lot of work to be done, but at least now I can get to the cutting table without taking huge steps over stuff.

Here's a better shot of the floor from the computer desk.  Yes, I know the carpet is hideous (maybe that's why I keep stuff on the floor - LOL!) One of these days I'll replace it, but it works for now.

The boys have said they want to work upstairs tomorrow.  They saw what we can get done in about 2 hours and want to keep going. We'll see how enthusiastic they are tomorrow.

Until next time...


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Scrappingamma said...

Oh Debra!!
Great progress! I was thinking about you on Thursday, and wondering how far you'd gotten. Job well done! I do have a question though, why are you keeping your WOTG kits separate from your My Reflection kits?
Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see your next post!

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