Monday, April 19, 2010

Disaster Area Progress {Day 2}

My "enthusiastic" boys decided to sleep in some yesterday morning.  I guess I wore them out pretty good the day before. But once they got up and got moving, and got their regular weekend chores done, we headed back up to the disaster area.

My youngest still did not like how I was doing it.  He didn't like that I was going through things and organizing and purging. He just wanted to start bringing boxes from the overflow room into my main disaster area. I believe he wants his brother out of his room in a bad way. LOL!  However, that's part of how I got in this predictament.  So, he lost.

We went through my cardstock files and finished cleaning them up and organizing. I pulled all my retired colors and papers and put them in a box to go through. I ended up having to pull my Basic group out of the drawers (I did NOT realize I had THAT much cardstock!)  Now, I'm trying to decide whether to buy another stack from For Keeps Sake, or to go with the smaller cubes. At the moment, the Basic group is filed in a filing crate that I do not have a home for (other than the floor).

I also went through the My Reflections filing cabinet and pulled all the retired kits and put them in a box to go through. I started condensing and consolidating, but someone started getting aggitated that it was taking so long, so I just put them in a box to go through on my own at a later date.  The top drawer is now all current kits.  You'll see the stacks on top of the counter have dwindled (and some new stacks added). I've still got to go through the Workshop on the Go kits and pull the completed pages and then file the remaining kits in the cabinet.

We also went through my completed artwork boxes and organized pieces into my cubes.  I also took time to label my cubes so I know what's in them.  I'm not quite sure what to do with some of my 3D projects, but for now they are in a drawer.  I also have an "unfinished projects" drawer. 

We also went through my "alterables" tote.  It's a great big tote that was full of stuff to alter - tins, containers, paint cans, coasters, etc.  We manged to clean it up, repack it AND get a lid on it! I believe I have enough "alterable stuff" to keep me busy well into my 90's if I live that long. LOL!

My oldest worked in my overflow room going through boxes and papers.  He sorted them into piles for me to go through.  I haven't touched them yet, but I'm sure I'll need to take a box up there to turn into a "to be shredded" box.  I'm bad about filing and throwing things away.

While we only emptied 4 boxes yesterday, we did make progress and found more floor.  There's still a lot of work to be done though.  I'm also contemplating a rearrange. I figured out that if I cut my stamp counter down 18 inches, I can fit my cutting counter and stamp counter along the same wall, which will free up the wall where the cutting counter is now for my cubes and embellishments.  I need to dig out my floor plan and play with it some before I make get the boys to help move furniture and have my hubby cut my counter.

I'm sure the boys will convince me to work upstairs again this evening, so I better get some work done this morning so I can accomodate their request.

Until next time...



Scrappingamma said...

What great progress you are making in your room! Just keep remembering how good its going to feel once you get it completed. You're really making headway to that completed project.

Haley D. said...

You are definitely making progress! I am so proud of you!

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