Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Candy Wrapper Tutorial

In the previous post for the Daydream Layout, it called for making candy wrappers. Now, I'm not good with drawing and design (that's what stamps are for), but I didn't think I had anything that would work. So....here's how I did my candy wrappers.

Start with a 1 1/4 inch circle. You can use your coluzzle, punch, whatever you've got.

Next, cut your circle in half. It doesn't have to be exact or perfect - trust me!

Now cut those halves in half again. You should have 4 quarter circles. Like this...

Now go find and dust off a pair of decorative scissors (I know you've got some somewhere). The pattern doesn't really matter.

Carefully place one of your quarter circles in the scissors, lining up the piece corner to corner. Trim off the rounded part of the quarter circle. (Sorry the photo's blurry - do you realize how hard it is to try to take a picture when you're using both hands? Or maybe I'm just not that coordinated?)

It will look something like this, depending on what scissor pattern you used.

Sponge the edges of your candy wrapper pieces in preferred ink color. Here I used Sweet Leaf as that was what coordinated with the layout.

Adhere your candy wrapper pieces behind your piece of candy using either glue dots (mini's) or some sort of liquid adhesive (Scotch Quick-Dry Tacky Adhesive works well).

And there you have it...a little piece of candy in a wrapper to add to a card or a layout!

Until next time...

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