Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Stamp of the Month - Butterfly Wings

I finally finished my contribution to March's Stamp of the Month swap. Originally, I was only going to do one page, but then I thought that would be cheating the swap group, so I ended up doing a 2 page layout. I'm not really a butterfly type person, so this was a little challenging for me.

I chose Reflections Bottom Border Triple Combination for the left page and Reflections Bottom Border Overlap (modified) for the right page. I love this book as it's mostly one page layouts, but also gives several options for companion pages, as well as photo placements. We were required to use the colors from the Unforgettable Level 2 Paper Packet - Sorbet, Juniper, Vanilla Cream, Desert Sand and Cocoa.
The corners are the large flourish stamp done in second generation Sorbet. Then I sponged around the edges of the base page. The butterfly is stamped in Juniper and cut out and glue dotted to the corner of the photo mat. The Colonial White ribbon photo corners allow for photo placement underneath them. For the scalloped portion of the border, I just cut along the lines of the B&T paper from the Unforgettable Paper Packet.

I used the same stamping techniques on this page as far as the butterflies and the flourish corners. The scalloped border section is what I had trimmed off the border from the left page accent. The tag actually pulls out of the Sorbet cardstock for hidden journaling or more photos. To achieve this, cut a slit in the center of your cardstock approximately 1/4 inch wider than your tag (my tag is 3 1/2 inches). I used Colonial White ribbon just under the slit to help cover it up. Using adhesive only on the outer edges of the Sorbet piece, adhere the Sorbet cardstock to the page. This will create a pocket for your tag to slide in and out of.

When you place it in your memory protector (page protector), you can slide a small cutting mat under your memory protector and cut a slit just large enough to slide the tag in and out to be read without taking the page out of the protector. To prevent the page protector from tearing further than you need it to, take your eyelet setter or small 1/8" punch and at the ends of the slit in the protect, punch holes (through the top layer only), to round the slit off. (I hope all that made sense and I apologize if it didn't - the sinus medication is really messing with my head.)
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Available March 1–31, 2009 only.

Recommended Blocks:2" × 2" (Y1003), 4" × 4" (Y1008), 2" × 3½" (Y1009)

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That's it for now. I'll be working on cards for tomorrow's Card Night. With a little bit of luck, I'll have them posted for you by the end of the night.

Until next time...

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