Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moon Doggie Workshop on the Go

I finally got pictures of this month's Workshop on the Go - Moon Doggie. I wasn't too sure about these papers at first, but I'm really pleased at how they turned out.

This is the featured layout from the Workshop on the Go brochure. A lot of the white space is for photos, but I haven't gotten that far. The featured techniques are stamp rolling or rock n' roll and stippling. The pages are finished off with hidden journaling tags and Colonial White crocheted ribbon.

This is one of the two additional layouts (also featured in the Idea Book). Again, the featured technique is stippling. These pages are finished off with Dimensional Elements Framed Fun.

This is the second of the additional layouts (also featured in the Idea Book). The stippling technique is also featured. The only thing I've added to these pages is the My Stickease for the title and the arrows. I'm waiting until I decide on what pictures before I finish it off.

If you would like to do this workshop, let me know. We haven't set a date for it yet (even though my calendar has the 28th - we all couldn't get together then). If you don't want to wait for us, you can order everything you need either through me or through my website. The shopping list in on the Workshop on the Go page. I'll send you the instructional brochure for free once you place your order.

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