Sunday, March 28, 2010

You Rock Workshop on the Go {Additional Layouts}

It's taken me a lot longer than I hoped to get these layouts finished. Mostly due to everything else going on lately. But, I did get them finished.  Special thanks to Dana K. for sharing her layouts. 

Layouts from Imagine
Techniques: Sponging, Paper Tearing, Scissor Distressing, Stamp Rolling (Rock n' Roll)

I have fallen in love with the mini-medley accents!  They are like a sample package of assorted embellishments and reasonably priced too!  One package did all three layouts and I still have a few pieces left.

Tips for this project:  Use your paper piercer to help get the protective cover off the Top Coats.  Work the edge with your fingernail for a few seconds, then slip the tip of the paper piercer between the protective cover and the Top Coat. 

Thanks to Dana S. for sharing her tip of using the paper piercer for helping place the Bitty Sparkles! 

You can see the featured layout here.

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