Sunday, December 5, 2010

Journal Your Christmas {December Dreams}

I struggled with Saturday's prompt for the JYC online class.  Being as England is about 6 hours ahead of me, I get the posts late the night before.  I had read through the prompt - it was about having a perfect Christmas and what our idea of that was.  I'm still not entirely sure of what a "perfect" Christmas would be, but I know what I would like to happen during December.  I've also come to the realization over the years - that some things will never happen - either due to lack of time, or energy, or both - or in some instances lack of finances. However, I've also learned to accept that and be thankful for what I DO have and what DOES happen. 

I had told the boys that whatever decorations and lights were not up by dark today, were not going up.  And they both know that they have to help with everything.  While I love the look and response from them, I do expect them to help get there.  Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances beyond my control, my kitchen did not get the garland and candle lights around the tops of the cabinets.  Nor did I get my carousel set up outside this year.  While I am disappointed that I don't get to enjoy those features this year, I am thankful that everyone is in relatively good health and I can share the Christmas holiday with most of my family. 

Here's my layout from Saturday.

Other than the number 4 from the digital download, there are no photos for today's prompt.  I just sat down and started writing from the heart without regard to who will see or read it in the future.  Add a few of the My Stickease from the Mistletoe set and a few embellishments and I'm done.
Until next time...

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Michelle said...

It's really lovely layouts! And it's great way to enjoy and be thankful for what you have and what happen. It can save from dissapointment. Kind regards from Poland!

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