Monday, February 22, 2010

You Rock, Valentine!

Yes, I know Valentine's is over, but I thought I'd start there with some artwork.

My youngest informed me at 7pm the night before their party that he needed 24 Valentine's for his class.  Granted they hadn't been in school all week due to snow, but surely they knew before then they were going to have a party.  He did say that personally, he thought they were too old for Valentine's parties. He's in 5th grade.  I told him it was up to him.  I told him I could come up with something and I'm sure there were enough suckers in the cabinet to add to each one.  He said not to worry about the suckers. (Whew!)

So what do you do when you're asked to make 24 last minute Valentine's that aren't cutesy, would suit either a boy or a girl, and your son would approve of?  You grab your Wishes and Originals books and start flipping.  I knew I had the You Rock papers and coordinating stamps out in my disaster area.  I figured we'd do a simple 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 or 3x3 card.  Well, it turned out the image I wanted to use wouldn't fit those size cards.  So I cut White Daisy cardstock to fit the image and used the puddle pad technique for the stamp pad. You can find instructions for the technique in an earlier post here.  I started to cut the images out...nope, will take too long.  Okay, so we'll mat them on Outdoor Denim Cardstock.   Now, what?  Um, let's see what this paper looks like and will Outdoor Denim ink show up well on it?  Well, sure it will, especially if you double stamp it (an easy thing to do with CTMH My Acrylix!).

In the end this is what I came up with....

A far cry from a little card, but thankfully Donovan approved.  It's a 4x6 "postcard" or card front.  Knowing it was probably going to be thrown away, I opted not to turn it into a card.  All that was left was for Donovan to sign the back of the cards.  He got a few compliments on his valentine's as well.

Stamps: You Rock and Star Power

Until next time...


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